Autism Sing‑Along!

The Social Skills Curriculum

As an autism teacher, this set of songs worked great for my students. The songs are easy to understand, go at good pace and are very engaging with the students.

– Amazon reviewer

Catchy tunes, excellent fun, repetitive, easy to understand instructions on daily activities. Perfect for small children or those with learning disabilities.

– Elaine Austen (Amazon reviewer)

My two and a half year old granddaughter loves the music and books that go with this. They really get and hold her attention.

– PLJ (Amazon reviewer)

This is a must have for children with Autism and also for any small child learning interaction. My grandchildren love this Autism Sing-Along CD.

– Amazon reviewer

I got this CD to use with students that I work with who have ASD and not only do all the students love it, but the staff love it as well! Highly recommended!

– Kvp (Amazon reviewer)

I love this disc! The production values are all first-class, the tunes are catchy and well-sung. It's skillful, heartful, and fun. And most importantly, my autistic daughter loves them.

– Amazon reviewer

Learning with Social Songs

Social Songs are fun! They are designed to help children learn to navigate through activities of everyday life with more comfort, more skill and less anxiety.

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A multimedia experience

Each social song has a visual support book with icons, lyrics, and musical tabs. When brought together, they comprise a concise social skills curriculum.

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Engage with students

These audio-visual experiences can engage even the fussy and the disinterested through the magic of music and comprehension.

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