Social Songs are
Fun for Kids!


  • Build on childrens' natural attraction to music.
  • Help show kids the big picture and the details
  • Use music to lighten up non-preferred or challenging activities
  • Encourage participation in activities of daily living
  • Encourage interaction, and model specific interactive expressions.
    For example:

    • Help me please
    • I'm frustrated
    • I need a break
    • I feel better
    • Do you went to play
    • Okay, let's play
    • Chase me
    • You can't get me
    • Run; I'm gonna get you
    • Race you to (location)
    • On your mark, get set, go
  • Reinforce concepts useful for self regulation, like:
    • Asking for help
    • Asking for a break
    • Tolerating a delay before a break
    • First-then
    • Transitions
    • Accepting variations: Surprise!
    • Planning and making choices