About us

Social Songs and visual support books by Ruth Alice Jurey, M.S. C.C.C.
Ruth is a practicing speech and language pathologist with over 40 years of clinical experience, who has always used music in therapy. For the past several years she has served elementary students with severe autism in public school. Ruth is also the author of The Reading Treehouse, and of Playful Sounds: The Sound Foundation for Speech and Reading.

Lead vocals by Carina Morales.
A seasoned musical theatre performer, Carina's past experience includes New York City stage, national tours, and international work as a principal vocalist for The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios. She loves kids, and is proud to sing along with them!

Music arranged and produced by Adam L. Morales.
Adam is a composer, arranger and producer. His realizations of these simple songs are fun, captivating, and respectful of a child’s right to quality music.

Artist DJ Svoboda created our Imagifriend, Brandon the Galapski.
DJ created The Imagifriends based on difficult experiences he has faced growing up and living with Autism. The Imagifriends live in Imagiville, where everyone is accepted just the way they are.