A Social Skills Curriculum

Social Songs Album Cover

Autism Sing-Along! Social Songs with their visual support books comprise a concise social skills curriculum.
These audio-visual experiences can engage even the fussy and the disinterested through the magic of music and comprehension.

What are Social Songs?

Similar to social stories, Social Songs are designed to help children learn to navigate through activities of everyday life with more comfort, more skill and less anxiety. They encourage participation, and are pitched appropriately for young voices, should they begin to sing along.

Our Social Songs use carefully-selected vocabulary and language structure. The syllable rate, pacing, and musical interludes are all designed to help to avoid the sort of mental ‘pileup’ that can happen when words come too thick and fast for the child.  With the songbook, children can learn to track the lyrics in icons and words as they listen. Photos add additional meaning. Put together, the songs and books comprise a rich learning experience that encourages repetition and skill-building.

Social Songs can sweeten the idea of events like bathroom time, transitions and sharing by placing them in an attractive musical context. Through the magic of music, Social Songs help to reinforce social concepts we teach our kids.

Ruth Alice Jurey, M.S., C.C.C.
Speech & Language Pathologist